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Alpha Wireless prides itself on its expertise, and its response times to customer needs, and that's why Techpro Global Ghana have chosen to work with us on their projects. Our antennas are in use in over 100 networks worldwide.

Furthermore, our innovative antenna designs optimize radiation patterns in order to improve overall network performance. Reals trials have shown significant throughput improvements and sector capacity improvements when Alpha Wireless antennas are used. Product Selector

Base Station Sector Antennas
Dual Slant OMNI
Variable Electrical Tilt (VET)
  • Radiation pattern maintained across full tilt range.

  • Mechanical adjustment option using knob at bottom of antenna.

  • Remote adjustment option using motorised AISG 2.0 controller.

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  • Supports 2x2 MIMO

  • Ideal for single sector rural sites.

  • Excellent coverage radius.

  • Available in all major frequencies.

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  • 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO supported.

  • All major frequencies.

  • 65° and 90° beam widths.

  • Electrical tilt options available – remote and manual.

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Subscriber Antennas
  • Dual- and Tri-band
  • All standard frequencies plus 2300-2700//3300-3800MHz option.
  • Excellent radiation patterns across tilt range.
  • Electrical tilt options available – remote and manual.

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  • High gain to increase coverage area.

  • All major frequencies.

  • Wall or window mount.

  • Wideband option covering 2G/3G/4G frequencies.

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  • Enclosed or retro-fit antenna control units.

  • AISG 2.0 compatible.

  • Portable controller using laptop USB port.

  • Site controller using ethernet.

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