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Wireless Solutions

Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets along with a plethora of mobile devices support wireless (WiFi) network access; with such a diverse range of endpoints that may be required to connect to corporate resources over a WLAN infrastructure it can indeed pose significant security challenges and risks. Often such challenges and risks deter organizations to actually adopt WLAN as a feasible connectivity mechanism into corporate resources.

Traditional WLAN solutions do not have security services integrated besides the use of Wireless Access Encryption Keys which addresses a small part of the entire solution. Backend communication is not secured through a multi-threat security firewall or additional firewalls have to be procured or at least considered; whilst the risk of user-to-user communication increases over wireless networks additional security mechanisms need to be in place. Integrated user identity access management need to be considered along with the use of two-factor authentication.

At Techpro Global Ghana we have teamed up with market leading vendors that provide integrated secure Wireless LAN solutions; through the use of CAPWAP protocol and thin Access Point architecture the solution is able to meet the strictest of Wireless Security requirements. The Wireless LAN Controller is not only aggregating thin AP's but also acting as a security gateway; inspecting traffic whilst providing Anti-virus, AntiSpyWare and IPS services. The security gateway in addition can also integrate with the backend for identity access management and control.

Our Wireless Access Solutions and Services include:

  • Wireless Access Point deployment planning and sizing
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wireless LAN deployments
  • Single Floor to large scale deployments with hundreds of Wireless Thin Access Points
  • Seamless roaming and mobility
  • Rogue Access Point detection
  • Guest User Access Portal
  • VOIP over Wireless Networks
  • Network security between different SSID wireless networks
  • Audit of existing Wireless LAN solutions and providing relevant recommendations
  • Design, deployment and implementation of a highly secure and easy to manage Wireless LAN solution

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